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From Here to Eternity

The body of knowledge that I am about to write here makes sense to me, but it may not make sense to some of you. There is no "scientific" base to this knowledge, and may in parts sound delusional, wishful, or psychotic even. The knowledge is based on the clinical records of many patients who, when underwent hypnosis, narrated their experiences. It starts with the very subject that no one really wants to think or talk about: death. I guess there is a degree of fear in us that prevents us from confronting the subject. Gordon Smith, a prominent medium from the U.K., has written a book called "Spirit Messenger" (Hay House, 2003) in which he quoted a message that he received, when in deep trance, from a spirit who identified herself as "Dominica". Here is the quote (page 183-184):

"…Fear is the one major problem that humankind shares. All of our problems are born out of fear. You become afraid when you lack things, but even more afraid when you have things, fearing that you will lose what you now have. That which you fear most is death and dying. All of you life you are plagued by the thought of death, either your own or those whom you love.

"Try to accept the impermanence of the physical world in which you live. Remember that all life is in constant motion. By trying to hold on to a particular part of your life, you will become restricted and afraid of change. When first you learn not to fear, this is the first day of your true life. Let us in the Spirit teach you so that you will no longer fear and your lives can be lived blessed with freedom and peace.

However, I am not here to talk about Fear, I am here to share the body of knowledge that I have learnt over the past few months through heavy readings. I am a sane person, still a man of free will to a large degree, and holding a job that gives me enough to ward off the wolves on the door. My work performance has been well above average, and the bosses are happy with it. I am respected by my colleagues, and friends find me easy going. I am not outstanding, nor outrageous; all in all, I am really your OK guy. Because I know what I believe in, I am not worried about what anyone may think, really, least of all the skeptics of this world. I maybe vulnerable emotionally, but I am not gullible or stupid.

My journey began with the book titled "The Chicken Soup for the Grieving Souls", among several others, thanks to my loving nieces from afar. At the time I have just lost my loved one, and I was deeply affected by my grief. The books not only soothed my soul, but also whetted by appetite for more. Indeed, I was more than curious about the hereafter, and I have good reasons for it. Missing loved one(s) is the most painful experience one can endure, be it through separation or death. With separation, there is always a dim hope of getting together one day; with death, the parting is final. The longing to remain in touch was real for me, and the realisation that this was no longer possible was devastating. I hunted through book stores relentlessly and eventually found several more books in various book stores. With the books written by Gordon Smith, James Van Praag, and John Edward, each a prominent medium, I found a new hope: it is still possible to contact the departed loved one(s) afterall.

A medium acts as a messenger in the communication between "this side" and the "other side". A gifted medium can deliver the messages clearly, precisely, and, most important of all, accurately. They can tell you things that only you and your deceased loved one(s) would know. You as a sitter can "validate" the information delivered to you and experience the moving moments only you can appreciate while in contact with your loved one(s) on the other side. A medium has no control as to who may come through, but if your loved one(s) are around you, as they always will be, they will come through. Yes, your loved one(s) will always be looking over you, no matter where you are, as long as you have them in your heart. The messages are usually of no significance, just to let you know that they are who they claim to be (only you know that), and that they are still around you and doing fine. The power of healing on the broken soul on this side is unbelievably strong. One finds peace almost immediately knowing that the souls of your loved one(s) have not died, and that you will all be together again one day. This makes moving on in life less painful.

Souls are energies that live in another dimension. This concept was thoroughly explored by Dr Michael Newton in his three ground breaking books, "Journey of Souls" (1994), "Destiny of Souls" (2000) and "Life Between Lives" (2004). In his practice as clinical psychiatrist he would use regression hypnosis to take a patient back to his/her past lives to understand their current ailments. His later research, up until now, has been concentrated on the souls as a "community" living in another dimension. He collects his "data" by regressing his research subjects through hypnosis to the time just after the death in their last life when their souls go back to another dimension to join up their respective cluster groups in their community. The activities and the purposes of these souls were studied in details in the three books published which I find fascinating. The message is clear: we come here on earth to learn our lessons in order to advance our soul, and we reincarnate life after life until all lessons are learned. Frequently many from our own core cluster group may reincarnate together in order to render supports to one another on earth in our common objective to advance further. The roles we play in each life may change depending on what lessons we need to learn. Father-daughter in the last life may become two brothers or sisters. Gender is not important in as far as role play is concerned. Two soul mates may become partners again in several lives together, or may not be at all. They may also return as siblings or friends. Our souls are guided by other more advanced souls. These are the ones who whisper to us when we have a flash of intuition as we come to a crossroad and unable to decide which path to take. They are our soul protectors as well. When a soul reincarnates, its energy would frequently split, leaving a portion behind "at home". A soul can also reincarnate concurrently in two places at the same time, depending on the strength of the energy. The energy of soul vibrates at higher frequency than our physical body. To get a glimpse of the afterlife, we can raise our vibration frequency through meditation.

In a series of books published to date, Dr Brian Weiss (see earlier blog on his interview) has also used the regression hypnosis to take his patients back to their past lives in order to find out the root causes of their problems in the current life. But unlike Dr Michael Newton, Dr Brian Weiss has not explored the life of souls between earthly lives. He is more interested in the karmic effect of past lives on the patients' problems in this life. There is an interesting case that Weiss briefly mentioned in one of the books. When a couple was regressed in his office they both experienced the same past life simultaneously when they were together in that life. The details that emerged were later on compared and turned out to match with those that they experienced in the past lives.

There are other researchers in the field as well, but I have yet to catch up with their writings. It's remarkable that thousands of subjects, when undergo regression hypnosis, have shared similar experiences. All have narrated their past lives, and all have observed their surroundings as souls. There is afterlife after one dies. Souls do survive in the form of energies after the death of their physical bodies. Near Death Experiences, as reported by so many people, have shown that souls do leave their earth bound bodies behind to return to their "home" in another dimension (the other side). But when they were "told" that it's not their time yet they would return to their original bodies in order to complete the unfinished businesses here on earth.

Souls are immortal. They live in a very structured dimension that is full of light, love, wisdom and peace. They speak of "The Source" as the ultimate place where they would hope to join one day. "The Source" is the Creator of all, and what the Christians would refer to as God. To reach that ultimate state, we, as souls, would reincarnate to learn the ultimate meaning of LOVE and its embodiment. This may take many lifetimes to achieve. A lesson will repeat itself until it is learnt, in one lifetime, or several.

I am more at peace now than I was for the past decades. I have come to the crossroad where I have needed to make a choice, and I have chosen the path that will guide me spiritually from here on. I don't know where I am going, but I will get to where I am meant to go someday. As immortal soul, the destiny of our journey will always be from here to eternity,


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I was talking to papa last nite. He said unlike Christian, Buddhist does not work on forgiving present sins and what you receive in this life is a result of your past life. Any brownie points earned this life will only be redeemed next life. Christians only need to confess and repent.

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