Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Second Reply to Glass Slippers

"I find breaking the "cycle" is always a very challenging task as I can be greedy at times to let go certain principles, ideas, beliefs, etc. The conscience is always clear, but at times the Devil defeats the Angel on my shoulder.

But the word 'being' rings a bell when I read what you wrote. I guess when one is at peace and the being is real and present, all things come unconditionally, and effortlessly, in the spiritual sense. Being at source."
"What if lesson/s is/are not learnt and mission/s left unaccomplished? What happens next? Does one then 'pass the test'?"
Letting go is not as hard as you think. Just imagine the scenario: Seven lifetimes ago a man and a woman became a couple. The husband was jeolous, suspicious and possesive, and convinced that his wife was unfaithful to him while he was away, and she provoked him to the extent that he killed her in his anger, even though she was truly innocent of the charges. They both had lessons to learn in that lifetime together but they didn't. He needed to learn to be trusting, and she trustworthy. They were sent back to learn the lessons all over again, but again, they failed - this time she killed him in a rage over the same charges. So the cycle went on for each of the remaining seven lifetimes until this lifetime when they both learnt the meaning of unconditional love and trust, and in doing so, break the cycle of killing finally. In other words, the lessons will repeat until they are learnt, even if it takes several lifetimes of miseries.
If your principles, ideas, beliefs, etc are preventing you from letting go all the ill fellings that your are harbouring, then you really need to examine what these princples, ideas, and beliefs are. Are you sure you are not being driven by your own ego that is disguising as principles, ideas and beliefs? If you truly love someone uncontionally, you will find that you have no need of all these bits and pieces...principles, ideas, beliefs, jeolousy, suspicion, possesiveness... you name it. With unconditional love, none of these will be present in your heart. And if you project this unconditional love to all people, you will find peace in your inner self eventually.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


What do I know about lotus?
There was a small village called Fish Pond (Hoo Tee) adjacent to the town where I grew up. It was so called because there WAS a fish pond there. I used to cycle over there with a couple of friends to watch and admire the local kids playing in the pond. I never saw any fish in the pond, but the entire pond was covered with lotus. While feeling the fun and joy the kids had, I just couldn't quite bring myself to jump into it - The water was literally black in colour. It was only waist deep, but by all accounts, the bottom was sticky and full of mud, rotting vegetation and manures of all kind.
Then in Form One in high school when I had my first exposure to the Classical Chinese, one of the chapters in the Chinese text book that we studied went something like this: "Lotus rises above the mud and yet stays uncontaminated..." I can't remember the rest of the chapter, nor who the author was, but that line stuck in my mind for the rest of my life. It wasn't until now that I truly appreciate what that line really means to me in the context of my journey.
Human body has a dense mass, and, according to Dr Michael Newton's research, it would take a lot of efforts for a reincarnating soul to adapt to the body of a human. In doing so, the soul loses its lightness and freedom and remains trapped in the body for the duration of a lifetime. It has to endure the body changes as we go through life, and live with whatever abuses we heap onto ourselves. Worst, in letting our body take charge of our consciousness, instead of the other way round, we are risking the contamination of our soul. It's very easy for our body to seek comfort and pleasures through our senses that we forget what our purpose in this lifetime is. Lotus absorbs nutrients from its harsh environment and rises towards the light above the murky water to bloom. In this sense, we must absorb our lessons from the harsh environment that we are in and rise above it without getting contaminated.
Interestingly, Newton points out in his study that all souls had indicated to him that Earth ranks as one of the harshest places ever for reincarnation. By the end of our journey here, the energy of our soul would be quite depleted. But take heart, as we go through the tunnel, there is light at the end of the tunnel, literally. We will be pleased to know that the lessons in this lifetime have been well and truly learnt, and the mission accomplished.

Reply to Glass Slippers

Glass Slippers left a comment in my last post saying, "I was talking to papa last nite. He said unlike Christian, Buddhist does not work on forgiving present sins and what you receive in this life is a result of your past life. Any brownie points earned this life will only be redeemed next life. Christians only need to confess and repent."

First of all, Christians not only need to confess and repent, but also "sin no more". In other words, whatever mistake you have made, God will forgive you and that you must not commit more "sins". The whole concept is based on loving sinners unconditionally, and moving them with such love that they will see the light.

Chinese Buddhism has a saying, "Put down the butcher knife, and stand to be a Buddha." This is another way of saying that all sins can be absolved if one repents and begins to do good. By and large, the layman's concept of Buddhism has instilled fear among the commoners with Hell and Heaven, and the only simple things people can understand is that whatever sin you have committed this life, you will pay for it either later in this life or in the next one. Likewise, whatever good you have done this life you will be rewarded later in this or in the next life (...Any brownie points earned this life will only be redeemed next life...") I believe this is a gross distortion to the original purpose of the teaching, for it makes "rewards in the next life" as the condition of "doing good in this life". Doing good should be unconditional, and without thought of being rewarded.

The purpose of reincarnation is NOT about the redemption of the rewards that you earned in your past life; we reincarnate to learn more lessons. The journey of a soul through each life is to learn, through giving and receiving, not only the pleasures, but also the pains and sufferings of human emotions and desires (Buddhist's seven emotions and six desires), in order to understand ultimately what unconditional love is. There is a parallel between a soul's journey and a human's journey in that we all start from kindergarten, then primary school, high school, and eventually graduate with a tertiary degree. Through series of lifetimes a soul will advance through stages of their wisdom to attain it's enlightenment ultimately. Planet Earth is not the only place the souls would go, in the infinite space of universe, there are other places we know nothing about that the souls can go to learn, maybe learning something that we cannot possibly imagine with our limited knowledge and senses. Dr Michael Newton has explored this concept in his second book (in reference to the previous post).

The karma we talk about should not be interpreted as "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". As we cannot remember what we have done in the past lives, we cannot tell if a particular experience we are undergoing is the cause or the effect of the karma. If we are suffering under another person's wrong doing, we must break the cycle of karmic effect in this life by forgiving and letting go all the ill feelings. Do not gleefully hope that the other person will suffer in his/her next life for what he/she has done to you in this life. He/she is here in our life for the very reason that we may learn and grow. He/she will learn his/her lesson similarly in the next life. Remember, all the lessons we go through are for the advancement of our souls. Frequently, a glimpse of past lives through regression hypnosis will make us understand better the particular experience we are underdoing, and allow us to forgive more readily. This in turns will accelerate our growth spiritually.