Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Second Reply to Glass Slippers

"I find breaking the "cycle" is always a very challenging task as I can be greedy at times to let go certain principles, ideas, beliefs, etc. The conscience is always clear, but at times the Devil defeats the Angel on my shoulder.

But the word 'being' rings a bell when I read what you wrote. I guess when one is at peace and the being is real and present, all things come unconditionally, and effortlessly, in the spiritual sense. Being at source."
"What if lesson/s is/are not learnt and mission/s left unaccomplished? What happens next? Does one then 'pass the test'?"
Letting go is not as hard as you think. Just imagine the scenario: Seven lifetimes ago a man and a woman became a couple. The husband was jeolous, suspicious and possesive, and convinced that his wife was unfaithful to him while he was away, and she provoked him to the extent that he killed her in his anger, even though she was truly innocent of the charges. They both had lessons to learn in that lifetime together but they didn't. He needed to learn to be trusting, and she trustworthy. They were sent back to learn the lessons all over again, but again, they failed - this time she killed him in a rage over the same charges. So the cycle went on for each of the remaining seven lifetimes until this lifetime when they both learnt the meaning of unconditional love and trust, and in doing so, break the cycle of killing finally. In other words, the lessons will repeat until they are learnt, even if it takes several lifetimes of miseries.
If your principles, ideas, beliefs, etc are preventing you from letting go all the ill fellings that your are harbouring, then you really need to examine what these princples, ideas, and beliefs are. Are you sure you are not being driven by your own ego that is disguising as principles, ideas and beliefs? If you truly love someone uncontionally, you will find that you have no need of all these bits and pieces...principles, ideas, beliefs, jeolousy, suspicion, possesiveness... you name it. With unconditional love, none of these will be present in your heart. And if you project this unconditional love to all people, you will find peace in your inner self eventually.


Blogger Lin said...

Wow! I am intriqued by all these writing. More, more! What is a good book to start on reincarnation, karma and stuffs like that?

11/10/2005 4:14 AM  
Blogger Paul S. said...

Hi Lin,

I was looking for Enlightenment and I found Tathagata, the man who attained the perfect spiritual enlightenment.

He's written articles such as What is Life ? What is Karma ? What is Destiny ?, you can find them on his website.

If you want to learn about Karma, have a look at this article... What is Karma ?


12/02/2007 4:07 AM  

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